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Absurdly expensive variability of fast food

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Fast food is good that he's cheap, fast cooking and saving us time, so you can eat it in a few minutes. It is if you don't order these gourman and overly expensive versions of the fast food dishes. What do you think? They look delicious, or is that a waste of money?

Macarones with cheese

Value: $95

Macarones with cheese are popular among children, as well as students who live for the first time from their parents, because of their low cost and simplicity. Perhaps it was the popularity of the dish that led to the emergence of his absurdly expensive version in the restaurant of the French Mélisse in Santa Monica (California, USA).

Their version of macaroni with cheese is made from fresh pasta, Paramazan cheese, truffles, smashed with dark cream oil to foam, and thinly cut white truffles. Besides, it's a dish that can be ordered in a restaurant between octabro and December during the truffle season. So start digging the money because one piece will cost you $95.


Value: $100

Taco is known to be a cheap dish. After all, how else did the fast-food restaurant network of Taco Bell last more than half a century? And the restaurant of the American cuisine, Café on the Green, in Dallas, Texas, United States of America, is trying to get away from Taco Bell, as far as possible, both for food quality and for prices.

There are three kinds of tacos in the restaurant at an overwhelming price of $100 each. One kind of taco is cooked with a beef vagina with a kinza and a baarne sauce with a truffle. The second dish is the Hudson Valley Foie Gras Taco, which is prepared with duck meat and famous French chocolate Valron (Valrhona). And finally, the third type of taco is prepared with the American lobster, the cherries and the peppers of Aleppo's chili.

Taco is presented with a " margarita " , " 4150 " , which is being prepared from the Don Julio 1942 " tequila, Quantro Triplesek, lime juke and agawa nectar. In the restaurant, they say that 20% of them have come to charity.


Value: $190

Soup is delicious and useful. It's very universal: the delicious soup can be made of only a few simple ingredients. There are a few delicious soups that sell in cans less than a dollar. Or if you're not in the mood to warm up your food and ready to eat some very good soup for lunch, at your services, the Subway fast food restaurants around the world working 24 hours a day.

If you're not comfortable with any of these options, you can always order absurd expensive soup that serves at the Kai Mayfair restaurant in London, England. In a Chinese kitchen restaurant marked by the star Michelen, the Buddha jumps across the wall, which hit the Book of Ginness's record as the most expensive.

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