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английский мастиф

Country of origin: England
Growth: 70 - 80 cm
Wes: 80 - 90 kg
Maintenance in apartment: suitable, but required sufficient physical load
Life expectancy: 6-10 years
Good for experienced owners.

Nature of English

Despite his past, a fighter dog of English mastifes today are luxury and tender pets, very smart and confident.

Dogs with the dignity of English mastifs are calm and obedient animals, of which they receive excellent animals for the family. They're fine with the kids, but they're not very good at talking to very small children because of their size.

In general, these are extremely good dogs who love and need company people. English mastifs aren't gambling dogs, but they love being as close as possible to their family.

English mastifs by their nature are silent, and only occasionally you can hear them ly. However, they have flaws: they snore loudly and saliva.

This dog breeding is very badly responding to severe drainage and physical punishment. Only patience and softness work well with mastifs.

The dogs of this species need early socialization because they tend to be locked and suspicious.

Mastyphs may not be bad guard dogs. They always prefer to make sure that their family and property are safe before a stranger enters the house. It is also known that the mastif will stand between a stranger and a member of his family until he is confident that this man is safe.

This one. dog breed They don't attack people, they keep them in fear.

Diseases of English

In general, English masks are a healthy breed of dogs. However, they are prone to the following diseases:

  • Beasts
  • Dysplasia of the saturated joint
  • Milk disease
  • Dylatatomia
  • Breaking of cranial crustacea (horartrosis)
  • Qatar
  • Entropion.
  • Ectroion (century turn)
  • Cherry eye
  • Eye dystrophy

In addition, English mastifs tend to be arthritis, obesity, dysplasia of the elbow joint and vaginal hyperplasia at the juice.

Leaving English

Leaving English was minimal, but it was somewhat difficult because of the size of the dog. It's advisable to brush every day, so you can reduce the number of wools in the house, because this frost is very lazy.

The English mastif should be bought as necessary. Use a special shampoo for dogs, shampoo for humans or soap can cause annoyance to the mastif.

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