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The most expensive dog species

самые дорогие собаки: Бородатая колли (бардед колли) фото19th place: Borodate Colli (Barded Colli) is one of the oldest breeds of Scottish pasture dogs. There's a suggestion that they've come from a bean and a Polish nipple sheep. A strong, strong dog with a great character can describe this species. They're good at learning, thinking, life-saving, adore kids, able to adapt easily to any conditions. The price of puppies is a bearded bell, ranging from 800 to 1500 yu.

18th place: Chow-chao is one of the oldest dogs in the world belonging to a group of spies. Characterized like a guard dog and a companion dog. Studies have shown that they are the first primitive species to evolve from wolves. They were used for security, hunting, reindeer herding and driving dogs. The purely blood line of breeds was maintained in Buddhist monasteries where they were divorced. Chau-Cau representatives are particularly stubborn and self-evident, which requires great patience and knowledge in the process of education. With the right approach to training, they grow soft and good dogs. Pupils are worth $600 to $1,700.

самые дорогие собаки в мире: Чау-чау фото17th place: Suede Dog (Samoed) is a very ancient breed of service dog, which has avoided the intervention of the villagers and remains in the first place today. Over 3,000 years served as a companion in tribes in the north of Russia. Suddens were used for hunting, guarding, shepherds, transportation, and sometimes even as nurses for children. They are calm, sharp mind, joy, balance and community. They love people, and they're happy to be in touch. The teaching and upbringinging of the Horse dog should be taken seriously enough. Pupils of the species can be found in 600 to 1,800 units.

16th place: Yorkshire Terrier is one of the world ' s smallest dog species, released at the end of the nineteenth century in Yorkshire, Great Britain. Entered as a result of the crossroads of therière, maltese, Manchester Terrier etc. Representatives of the very popular, room-decoration dog species today have a common and very fun character. Despite the miniature size, it's quite important, energetic and asphyristic. The Yokrishire terriers are very loyal animals, enjoy all family members perfectly, and are easily educated. Audrey Hepburn, who was loved by Mr. Famous, made a great contribution to the popularity of the species. The value of the Yorkshire Terrier dog can range from $800 to $2,000.

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