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Бордосский догThe Bordeaux dog belongs to an old French species and is the only mastif of French origin. Specialists say that among his ancestors there are Spanish mastifs, Italian smalls, etc. dog species♪ In the middle of the century, the Bordeaux was used as a fighter and hunting dog. Buffon in the XVIII century called him Dogue de Aquitaine. The butchers used the Bordeaux dog very often as a safe guard of their home. That is why, at that time, the idea was called a meat pack. Since Bordeaux had Asian roots, it was often called the Dog. The official breeding standard was established in 1926 after numerous mastif crosses. In Russia, the Bordeaux doses appeared in 1990. First they didn't use the demand. At the same time, after leaving the Torner and Huch film, their glory began.

An outside Bordeaux dog is a very large dog with an unusual body. This dog's body is a little groundy, but it's quite muscular and big. It's covered with thick skin that makes many warehouses. A strong head is located on a short, developed neck, which also has numerous warehouses. The ears are full, medium size, planted high enough. The eyes are very small, black, round. It's almost impossible to see them because of their age. Bordeaux's weight is very thick, but short, it's very tight. The colour is purely brown. Other colour options are not permitted by the standard. Bordo's weight often reaches 90 kg.

The Bordeaux Dog has not only a manifold appearance, but also military features. He can stop a stranger's attempt to attack his masters. In everyday life, however, the Bordeaux dogs are uncomfortable and lazy. They prefer home practice, lying in a warm, secure place. Bordeaux doses are very smart, but they don't really want to practice. You can teach them everything, but it's gonna take a lot of effort. The dogs are very loyal to their masters, they treat all members of the family, but they don't like to meet new people. Because of the enormous size of keeping the Bordeaux dock in the city apartment is not very comfortable. Most often, this breed is made by the owners of ordinary garden houses with a large palace.

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