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Bordeaux's Response

Bordeaux dog ы dog species ы animal and breed

Бордоский дог (Французский мастиф)The Bordosian dog is a dog with a good eye and admiration. This quarter-legged monsieur is not their dogs that can be easily approached and wrapped around the hall: French mastyph simply won't let you do it. There's only one person in the world that's allowed to all, his beloved master.

The breeders of the Bordos dog (also as the bastif, the bulmastypha, the vasive and other breeds of the Moloss group) are ancient Molosian dogs, which were very valuable among ancient Greek knowledge and were considered a model of power and generosity.

Not at all. Bordoza and without the participation of different varieties of French doses, which differed by type of hair and colour. It's also likely that in the Bordos dog the blood of English bulldogue and mastif.

Бордоский дог (Французский мастиф)Throughout their existence, people have found these bold four-block riches to be used wherever they may have been useful: they have been used to protect locks and farms, pastures and cattle protection, transport of goods, hunting large wildlife. And during the First World War, the Bordeaux Dogs helped the sanitary transport wounded fighters.
Unfortunately, there is a history of the Bordosian doses and a dark page, a time when they were used not for good but for destruction: for bulls and dog fights.

After the Great French Revolution, the Bordosian breeds could be counted on their fingers: several others were retained only in south-west France, in Bordo. The species has been restored and improved its working quality. In 1862, following the successful participation of the first representative, the breed in the Bordos dog exhibition was finally officially recognized.

A large number of Bordos dog fans can be found in Britain, Italy, Austria, Finland, Switzerland, Australia and other countries, including Russia.Бордоский дог (Французский мастиф) By the way, both in our country and in many other countries, the Bordos dog became particularly popular in the 1990s, after the famous Thorner and Huch movie, where it plays a major role in the Tom Hanks match.

The Bordos dog is a land-based and cowardly sand, a muscular body, strong limbs and, of course, impossible appearance. Despite his abundance, he has a quick reaction, a high speed and a great jumping.

Бордоский дог (Французский мастиф) Бордоский дог (Французский мастиф)

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