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Bordos Dog

Sobaka-killer and Maz on the blood of Christian babies

There's going to be another drilling post on "boy dogs." Because... That's great!
Why do you want a fight dog?
"Boy dogs kill people."
"Ah, it's a killer dog!"
"It's horrible, angry and cruel dogs!"
"Only alcoholics and drug addicts make stiffs!"
"They dogs kill their masters!"
What's a dog fighter breed? It's a wet fantasy. No. dogs♪ There are dogs that are used for dog fights by incredibly violent freaks. What dogs are used for fighting? Everyone. It's an obnoxious thing to do in the first place that people have come down on each other in the pit of two dogs of the same weight, but different species. At first, people poisoned the dogs of the beast, but when the places were banned, and the places became expensive, they started to run dogs into the pit. People with strong nerves can go to the utubs and, at the request of dog fights, like a bloody mesh with any big dog species.
Boy's dog was a big thing, expensive and prestigious, so they tried to make the breed stronger to change the poor. And they've got dogs suitable for fighting out of bulldogs, hammers and, by the way, cute mopsies.
Yeah, by the way, distract from stiffs and booze, dog warfare was used and used: boxers, bulmastics, English mastiffs, Bordos, German sheeps, scarpes... and many others.

If we go back to the classification, the American Stufforshire Terrier, like the Boulterier, belongs to the 3rd FCI Group, the Terriers. Together with the jack squads. I want to be afraid of someone, be afraid of the Terriers.
York, including!
Fight dogs are inadequate and hate people! 'Cause only a dog with an unstable psychic master can take his arms out of battle. Only a vicious dog who hates everything alive will let a man take and take his untouched body from an adversary without even screaming. Sobak used for the battles was taken, among other things, to trust a man and tolerate everything. Although I think they'd rather eat their masters, of course.

Fighting dogs are bloody monsters! Absolutely. I can see that I met a bullier and a pit bull once, smoked in a skirt, and like, "Bro! Let's jump into the hole and break each other in the cage! Let's get hurt, bleed and die, and people watch!"
There's only one real monster in the history of dog warfare. Look in the mirror. There it is.

Amstuffs are out for battle! Take the galloperidoll. Amstuffs are a decorative response to the pit bulltery breed. The breed that pets who didn't want their sweet dogs to throw into a fighter pit.

Years of sedition have led to bulls, pit bulls and ampstaffs being stunned, playing, smart and human-oriented dogs. They're companions, nannies, sportsmen. Lasqueral and soft creatures ready for all for the master's approval. It's not about the horn. These guys were damn efficient in the ring because they're ready for the master to go through. Where to go is to decide.

No puppy wants to kill, maim or die. Any dog wants to live in a pack, eat delicious food, walk and play. And if the master is the leader of the pack, he's happy. That's it.
Of course, an untreated stiff could be dangerous. Like any other dog. If you think the labradores are born with naughty little hands, it's a mistake. There are vicious aggressive retrievers and tacks and dangerous Dalmatians. And in every case, the masters of the dog are guilty. People.

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