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ИзображениеPupil ' s education and distraction
A dog grown and raised with love and a reasonable degree of determination will never become a beast. He'll be a calm animal, although his threatening species always gives a great impression on those who see it. Of course, the dog usually doesn't show love for itself, especially for the sex. But if Puppet It's right to socialize, i.e. often to meet other dogs, let them play with them, he learns peaceful coexistence quickly.

When we talk about a puppy, we mean a very small animal. In nature, socialization occurs between 8th and 16th week of life. It is in this short time that the children learn how to deal with the rest of the pack, learn the rules of dog galance and ritual movements that deter the aggressiveness of their fellows.

Bordosian dog-track, for example, is a fall on the back as a capitulation sign. In the mid-century, war dog owners did not have a high dog culture, as animal behaviour science was not yet available. And yet they felt that a grown-up dog would be willing to fight until the last drop of blood, a puppy he had to live for months to give it to himself. Over time, the dose became more of a game than a fighter. To avoid conflicts with other dogs, you have to do the opposite of what happened in the Middle Ages.

A female must be more involved and play with other puppies, then he will consider them friends, not enemies. Of course, an adult dog might have other serious reasons for fighting. For example, fighting for a female or for territory. But there's a difference between a cobel that can fight another cobel under certain conditions, and a dog that's thrown out on all the quarters he sees without thinking, they're rivals or potential wives. In order to avoid unwarranted tremors, it is enough at the right age to socialize a puppy. The same rules are important to a dog with a man.

If a puppy meets a lot of people, it could be among them if they smooth it, he'll never be a mean and aggressive dog. If he realizes that a man is his friend, he'll also be friendly. Some people believe that a well-sociated dog can no longer perform his security functions. That's a mistake. A dog who doesn't know a man will be afraid of him, so she's got her ancient instinct.

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