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How to make dreams a reality

Well, I guess everyone knows the role that language plays in our world.
It creates reality. Our reality is the reality of words.

We're not snooping from each other with an autumn in one hand and a dog in another, because we have the words "human" in the lexicon, "duck" and "dog." We fit the obvious picture with these well-known notions and therefore respond adequately.

But if you'd seen something on the street that you can't even roughly spell out the words from your lexicon, you'd at least freeze your open mouth, and at least you'd go crazy.

Why are African wild tribes praying for each tree and falling for each parrot? Because they have a primitive tongue. They don't have abstract words like wood and scare. Accordingly, for them, every new, previously unknown tree is a completely unknown object that they do not relate to other trees. That's why it's so shocking.

Our ancestors were like that, too. But as the language evolved, a man learned to be abstracted from objects, to classify them, and he just made millions of words for the world, which he sees. And the world became simple and understandable. The counter-attended object became instantly related to the word he said and therefore stopped shocking, embarrassing and frightening.

? Because there are always ANNOJECTS and ACTIONs that do not meet in our habitual world and, accordingly, we have no words for these objects and actions. And if you think of words for everything that we see in our sleep, dreams will be as bright as day events!

I don't know if anyone's ever thought about it before, but I think it's an obvious idea.
If humankind produces a huge illustrative vocabulary for all COUNTRIES that can meet in their sleep, every vocabulary who learns it will be as clear as day reality. It's as clear as it is, you know? I mean, it's gonna be impossible to distinguish a dream from a hole.

Suddenly, our ancestors did not live in a strict reality like us, but in hell KASHE from strange objects and events; but YAZYC has also structured this chaos; a completely similar operation can be done for dreams.

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