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Turkmen Alabay

породы овчарок: описание

Mid-Asian sheep (Alabai), one of the species found on the territory of the former USSR. It is most common in Central Asia and in the territory between Ukraine and Siberia. There is no doubt a legendary Tibetan mastif among the ancestors of the Asian sheep. The breed has evolved spontaneously over the centuries by selecting the necessary human characteristics. It's always been a big shepherd of dogs capable of raining, freezing and 40-degree heat guarding and defending herds, bumping into wolves and always winning it.

Central Asian sheep (Alabai) strong, well-designed dogs. The head is big, with a wide face, a smooth transition from the forehead to the morde. Humans are strong and strong, teeth are big. The scissors. Height in the chole: 58, 5 - 71 cm, weight: 37 - 50 kg. There's a fat collar around the neck about the blazed collar collected in the skin warehouse. The limbs of the Asian medieval sheep (alabai) are direct, strong, but without the redevelopment of the muscle. The ears are traditionally very short purchased. The eyes of the Asian medieval sheep (alabai) are dark. The nose is black. Hooste is traditionally bought short. The worm is short, but it's dense, with a good pancreas, and it's a 40-degree wind freeze and a 40-coded heat to be carried out outside the shelter. The colour of the Asian medieval sheep (alabai) may be any, most typical white, black, gray, tiger, with or without marks. The medium Asian sheep picture can be seen on the right.

Mid-Asia sheep (Alabay) is a brave and determined dog that has no fear of any soda. I don't like food, even very large copies grow on almost one bread. Born to the master. Very smart, self-study and be dependent on the circumstances by making decisions. The Mid-Asian sheep (Alabay) has a congenital rapid reaction and a flash eyebrow. Middle Asian sheep (alabai) are very well trained.

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