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Tibetan Dogs

Lhasa Apzo

Лхаса АпсоThe kind of lhasa apso that runs his story from 800 to N.E. is considered to be one of the oldest known dog species. And even there is a view that the lhasa of the apso, along with species such as achita-in, charpe, bassenji, malamut, Siberia and Pekines, is the nearest descendant of the prehistoric wolf.

Lhasa ' apso ' s home, " peace wing " Tibet. It is here, during the breaks between work, prayers and meditation, that Tibetan monks have excavated the breed of dogs, which they consider to be the embodiment of souls seeking to achieve nirvana.

The practical use of these dogs, whose name is translated as " a caucus screaming like a left " , has been more grounded. They were raised to protect the houses of Tibetan knowledge and Buddhist monasteries in or around the holy city of Lhasa. A similarity to the lion was chosen in an accident, a sacred animal symbolized the power of Buddha over the kingdom of the beast.

Лхаса Апсо

These little dogs have become partners of larger watch dogs, warning them of the approach of uninvited guests. Their value was much higher than other breeds, because Tibetans believed that the lhasa of the apso had magical properties, the ability to penetrate the secrets of the human soul, to protect themselves from misery, to bring good luck and peace to people.

Maybe that's why. dog breeds I've never sold my ass, but they could only be gifted or accepted. Tibet and China ' s highest rankings were considered to be honoured to have a luxury as well.

Лхаса Апсо

The formation of the dogs of this Tibetan species has become one of the main interests of the Manchurian Empress of Tsisi, who, for the rest of his life, has been following the purity of the breed.

Lhasa apso has not only proven themselves as irreplaceable watchmen and housekeepers, but also as excellent companions during long transitions from Tibet to China, which have sometimes lasted for more than six months. For these purposes, a larger, " equated " species was grown.Лхаса Апсо In addition, these sensitive dogs were able to predict natural disasters, alerting their owners to imminent danger.

Extreme living conditions in Tibet, where people have raised their domestic animals in isolation for centuries, have shaped the nature and physical attributes of the lhasa of the pso.

His muscular compact torso retains warmth and the watertight wool protects from raw materiality; short legs (upso height, about 27 centimetres in the chole) are well adapted to permanent manoeuvres on the Tibet mountain track, and a thick wool falling in the eye protects them from the cold wind and the bright sun.

Лхаса Апсо Лхаса Апсо Лхаса Апсо Лхаса Апсо

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