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Argentina V. Pit Bull

Banned dog species.

Американский бульдогThe dog is a man's friend. However, many forget that this is a wild animal that is not always successful. For example, in the late 1980s, dog attacks on humans increased. In the end, the bad glory has become pit bulls and their breeds.

There was even a wave of bans on some of the dogs. For example, in 1991, the United Kingdom Parliament formally prohibited the establishment of dogs of dangerous species such as Japanese tosa-in, Argentine doses, pit bulls and fila brazilair.

This initiative was also supported by some other countries. Even in States where such breeds have been officially authorized, it has proved difficult for owners to conclude insurance contracts.

American bulldog. These dogs are officially banned in Singapore, Denmark and some other States. The species has been known since the end of the nineteenth century. It's one of the closest and intact relatives of the English bulldogue.Ищейка Initially, the pond appeared in the south of the country where the bulldogs were used as a guard. They were trained to hunt wild pigs. These creatures weigh a few hundred pounds and pretty furious. That's why trained dogs were big, strong and dangerous. At the attack on his victim, the American bulldog hit her in the throat until the owner approached. The nature of the breed in her high beard. And American bulldogues weigh between 27 and 54 kilos.

Truck. The word " bandog " has been calling big dogs as guards since the Middle Ages. Modern cheeks have lost their purity, they are removed from such species as mastifs and pit bulls. The size of that dog is comparable to the dog. The breed started at the end of the 1960s veterinary John Swinford, and it soon became known. The most famous spokesperson, Bantu's dog, was extremely brutal and famous for fighting. It's now almost everywhere. And these aggressive animals can weigh between 30 and 50 kg.

Неаполитанский Мастиф Чехословацкий влчак Бурбуль Аргентинский дог

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