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4) Изображение

It's not the same as the white angel of death. The Argentine Dog is a great sprinter, he can argue with a recognized champion of the world's animal, a hepard. When it comes out, it's capable of chasing a mine or an adversary for hours, not by staring down the pace, and neither the cold nor the fallen sun can stop this athlete when it sees the target. It is capable of assessing the situation and catching the master's mind. On the contrary, he always wants to figure out who dared to break the silence, but this gruesome and furious guard in his "stay" is amazingly unmarried and lazy.

Argentina's dog is a good combination of hunting and performance. A fearless, but not aggressive dog, very eloquent, loyal to humans and other dogs, which gives him an excellent opportunity to work in a pack with a lightning reaction to hunting beams and boars. In Argentina, the dog conquered the hearts of the most serious hunters on large and dangerous beasts: the Puma and the Jaguar. Many hunters owe their lives to their loyal Argentines to the breasts of an abusive beast.

Argentina ' s doses have gained great popularity abroad by using them for a variety of services. There are blind reasons, hunters, guards, roadblocks and tents, searchers. Argentine dosesand just the lovers of the companion family.

In Russia, the Argentine dog became known as a great guard. He has a great sense of the Territory and is not inclined to warn before the attack, which prevents an arrogant from using weapons. His attack is always unexpected and possible from any position. However, a threatening Argentine is managed, disciplined and very fond of children. Consistent psychology and natural intellect make it possible to use the breed as an excuse, which shows the dog ' s high ability to control himself and the undisturbed delay. In the U.S. and Europe, and especially in Germany and Austria, white dogs are firmly employed in the army and the police.

The Argentine dog possesses athlete body, very strong health, combines power, speed and obsolescence. It's perfect for urban maintenance. The loyalty of the master and the ease of communication made this dog a great friend to the whole family and the most loyal advocate.

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