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Argentine Dog Of Pistol

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Who cares, and who doesn't have a good evening.
So, I don't know if my record is removed, but yet anyone will read it.

Well, that's the way I got Shafa, and I came for him to Yaroslavl. And with that kid, we lived in a soul. Until a certain moment comes the crisis of my life. I agree that you can't do this to a friend, and he's even more than a friend.
The people who throw their dogs into destined. But you want to believe me, you want to, I love him with all my heart and soul, and I will love whatever you say.
Yeah, I was ready to give it to him in the spring, but thanks to Natasha, I spent half a year with him. Natasha explained to me that I had to gather and try to fix the situation. Unfortunately, I did everything I could.
And now the moment has come when you've already had to.

Look, I didn't kill a dog, I didn't strangle, and nothing like that. Shaf wasn't on chains, we were walking around the streets, I wanted to go out with a chain, not a leash. The gray mark on the neck is from the rascal, and that's why I don't see anything disgraceful, the movie we've been dealing with, tell him to hang and everything, to make sure.

I couldn't physically support him, and he lived for a while at my mom's, but then I returned it. He was running in the yard, dirty, just that. And I gave it to him, and I wanted him to be found by the best masters who could make him a decent life. I wasn't financially ready, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop loving Shafa and other dogs.

I hate myself for doing this.

But the last, esteemed GOSPOJA, before you write this, think that every word of your offensive word on my side will return you to the boomerang. I won't humiliate like you and insult you in return. Have a good day.

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