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Argentine Video

Аргентинский дог

General characteristic

A loyal bodyguard and a secure guard. It's a strong, harmonious and athletic dog with strong jaws, a strong head and a very strong colt.


60-65 cm high, 40-45 kg weight.


With a massive and swelling skull at the express chewing muscles and back. The sea is strong, the length is equal to the forehead. The sculptures are located long distance from the skull, with a well-defined temporal hole. The legs are tight, tight, thin, black. Your nose is black, with wide nostrils.


The jaws are strong, with large, dense teeth.


Dogs with both natural and bathed ears are allowed to be attached to the top of the skull, standing or halfway.


Black or nutrient colour, very widely distributed, surrounded by centuries with black or bright edges.


With an arc in the back, massive but flexible.


The breast cell is wide and deep, down slightly below the elbows. The back line is a little higher in the idling area, then slide smoothly to the crup.


Sablender, the back line continues, calmly down, in a state of awakening to the top.

Of course.

Parallelly set, tight. The thigh with a powerful muscle, the pros are short, the angles are very pronounced. Lapa's in a coma.

Silver cover

The hair is short, tightly attached.


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