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Argentine Dog Character

Argentine dog ы dog species ы animal and breed

The birth of this white male, Argentine province of Kordoba, where he was evicted in the 20s of the twentieth century by Dr. Antonio Nores Martínez.
The scientist, after a preliminary thorough study of the various species, took the foundation of a new breed of Kordoba's fight dog and started to cross it with its chosen worthy candidates: German dog, Irish Volkoff, English and some others.
From each of these cinemas, the cinema wanted to bring to the local fighter dog their best qualities, and to remove unnecessary vilification, aggression and mental inequity. The task of the scientist was to get a dog that would combine an excellent physical form with excellent working qualities for a large diet hunt (pum and wild boar) and be well adapted to the local hot climate and family.

As a result of multi-year experiments, Argentina ' s dog was removed and subsequently became a national asset. The breed was even better than expected: the Argentine dog was a bold hunter, a patron, and also a great companion and courageous defender of his family (which is always capable of distinguishing the real threat from the memorial); and over time, the sand has become used to work as search and rescue services and as a dog.

In 1965, the Argentine dog was recognized by the Argentine Cinological Federation of Argentina, and the International Film Film Film Festival was recognized only after eight years as the first internationally recognized Argentine species. It was true that there were misunderstandings with which group to treat the species: first. Argentina was assigned to a group of molasses, then, under the influence of Argentine cinemas, was reassigned as races and later returned to the original location.

Despite all the virtues of this white knight, dog fighters have compromised his reputation, so in the 1990s, he, like his other " accidental " , such as the American pit bullier, the Brasiller fist, etc., was on the list of dangerous dog species.

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