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Argentinean Doga

Argentina (sighs)Dogo Argentino (c) is the first and so far the only dog pond in Argentina and recognized FCI. This is the national heritage of the country. And the prestige of the species is so high that the puppets are accepted to give a strong world of its own, as a sign of strength and respect.

Dr. Antonio Norez Martínez, who began his first experience of crossing different dog species in the 1920s, is responsible for the emergence of the pond. The root of the breed was the local Cordoba dog (Perro Pelea de Cordobes), which was very popular at the time in Argentina, and its owners were many friends of Antonio. Blood German guess was enriched to increase growth, and a large pyrene dog to build a clean white colour and to increase animal yields. The Bordosian species, whose blood was tidy for power, the Irish wolf of the Argentine dog, received a good reaction and speed, and the English printer had a better hunting gut.

The national recognition of the pond was obtained on 21 May 1964 when the Argentine Cynological Federation was approved. International recognition of FCI (international film association) took place in 1973.

The Sam Dogo Argentino, as they call this breed in his homeland, has become not so much a great hunter as a true and loyal companion, as well as an intransigent enemy for those who engage in aggression towards his masters. His harmonious appearance, impossibility, uncovered power and unrepetitive grace make the Argentine dog the perfect companion for the price of the beautiful.

Dogo Argentina ' s high intellectual ability and equilibrium make him a great comrade, who will be happy to spend time with his master in any weather. For children, it's a gentle and loving companion who's happy to be involved in the noise games of children.

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