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Переустраивается Немецкий дог

A huge dog with a good temper, a calm temper and a sufficiently developed intelligence. It is often called the king of dogs because of their incredible beauty and luxury, which is so unique to him. As we know, the German dog is the descendant of the old German mastiff. There is also a lot of evidence that dogs like dogs lived in ancient Rome, Egypt and China.

400 years ago, the pond almost changed, only became magnificent and brighter. German doses were initially considered hunting and used to protect large animal estates. In recent years, this pond has completely lost aggression, and now its purpose is only to be a genuinely loyal friend to its master.

German Dodge Intelligt

Dog's a very smart and prudent dog with the same good manners. The excellent memory of such dogs greatly facilitates the process of education and dissent. They can make decisions on their own, and they are happy to see any learning process.

Another remarkable feature is a well-developed intuition. From the beginning, he understands the essence of the man in front of him, good or angry, child or adult. Having carefully studied his opponent, the dog carefully develops a manner of conduct with him. In short, doses are quite well adapted to new circumstances and circumstances and are not afraid of socialism. Fishing, without nervousness, will never allow instincts to come first.


The German dog has great companion qualities and is magnificent in every environment. Large dimensions and a slightly harsh, concentrated view are mainly cautionary, but it's in vain, because a more kind and auxiliary fellow among dogs is simply not.

Aggression for this dog species It's not. An adult dog doesn't waste his energy, his movements are always thoughtful, precise and dignified. In situations of collision with real danger, there is no delay, firmness and emotion. He's very uncomfortable with beatings, because it's not recommended to be delivered. Dogs are incredibly common and they love being in the family.

At an early age, hyperactivity and non-observance may be demonstrated, which with age passes and becomes controlled. Lessons of socialization will benefit them, they can own any situation and grow confident.

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