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Bully Kutta

порода собак мастиф

There are many theories about the origin of this species. According to the most logical theory, at that time there was a velocity of vain in India/Pakistan that was used for hunting, protection and many other purposes. When Britain conquered the subcontinent of Indo-Pakistan, British soldiers brought their dogs, mastifs, butterriers and other breeds. These dogs were crossed with a local breed. And that is why there are different types of Kulta Bulls (Papistan Mastifs). There is a theory that this pond has emerged in the desert areas of Sind province. That's why they call her "Sind Mastif." They are sort of Moldovan dogs from Pakistan and are mostly located in the region.

The word "bully" comes from the root of the word "Punjab," "Boli," "Bu-Li" means "murchy." And "kutta" in Urdu language means "sobaca." So, a bite of sweat means "murking dog."


Bully Kutta is a very big dog, also known as Pakistani mastif. The species is very rare and not suitable for inexperienced owners. During the British Empire in India, the species was improved. Bully Kutta was cross-cutting with English mastif, English bullier and hunting dogs.

In Pakistan, the breed is used as a combat dog in India, more like a guard. Bully Kutta is used in battle because of its size and strength.



Massive, muscular and powerful dog. Mastif is one of the most difficult breeds. The dog has a powerful and dominant attitude. They're fearless and very brave.


Bully Kutta is vigilant, reliable and intellectual. They are extremely loyal and deeply committed to their family. This breed thrives from human communication and love. The dog is best in a house with adults and children. They don't get along very well with other domestic animals, except if they grew up with them. The breed is not recommended for newcomers, inexperienced or passive owners.

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