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Service Dog Photo

On the other day, volunteers were brought to the Luhan Border Guard for armoured dogs, which were manufactured in a Kiev enterprise for volunteers the other day, volunteers were brought to the Lugan Border Guard to armoured dogs /

This is reported by the press service of the CSU.

Such remedies must be protected service dogs from stones and sticks, cold weapons, bullets and fragments.

The armor for the four-legged defence counsel consists of the cervical and thoracic sections which are interconnected and regulated according to their size and do not limit freedom of movement.

Read Domash animals also protect children from disturbing disorders

At the time of the prefabricated preparation of the cinemas, which is currently under way in the Lugansk Border Guard Unit, these armoured vests will be tested and the cynologists will assess whether they are suitable for implementation.

Such protections shall protect service dogs against stones and sticks /

We will recall that in March, the service dog in Odessa prevented the attack. Chetvronogs are also on the subway stations in Kiev. And in the ATO area, it helps to clear the territories.

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