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Enchantment Of Varieties

German sheep variety

Овчарки: популярные виды

The same applies to Belgian and Danish lines, which, however, have nothing to do with Belgian or Danish sheep, see below.
These dogs divorced mainly for Schutzhund sports and as servicemen. They are dispersed as police officers, servicemen, dogs to detect explosives and drugs. If you really need a working dog or a sports companion, that's the line of breed you should focus on. Yeah, maybe that dog doesn't seem elegant to you, like a lot of people from the exhibition, but it has an excellent juncture and power.
Sobular, black or three-coloured colours are considered typical, just like black brown, actually. There is a more aggressive and temperative temper than it would have been for a guide dog or a home loved one, but there are other species for that purpose.

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