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Вот так выглядит луговая собачкаWhat kind of animals do not live next to a man today. Someone starts dogs and cats, and someone prefers exotic-- lizards, snakes, spiders, and even jabs. But today we're not talking about the wrong ones. We invite you to talk about another contender for your house and your heart in the category of rodents. Puppet dogs. Let's get to know them better and find out what's more of them-- dog weddings, or, you know, grizzoon weddings...

Lips description

Puppet dogs, they call them rodents who belong to the family. We've already been writing about the squirrel on our website here, so you've got an idea of who you're dealing with. However, grassy dogs don't look much like squirrels, even though it doesn't prevent them from gaining more popularity and love. Thus, the length of the adult body of the left dog is 30 to 38 centimetres, with a weight of 1 to 2 kilograms. At the same time, males are always harder and bigger than females.В Природе эти зверьки живут семьями The colours of the mechanics at the grass can be from brown and gray and brown. The dog's legs are short, they have sharp and hard dark claws. The eyes are large, widely dispersed to be able to carry out a wide range, broad and rounded head review, and the colour of the head mechanics is darker than the body mechanic colour. Oh, in the eye and cheeks, you can see the light rings. The rodents don't have long, dense wool, and they're coloured, depending on the shape of the dog. An animal's ears are short and often can't be seen under the thick mechan.

Well, this portrait makes it clear that this creature is more like a corn than a squirrel or a dog. But the appearance is deceptive.

Lung dogs in Nature

These rodents are very unusual and interesting. By the way, they're even called DogsAnd all because in nature, in the western and central North America, they live in the prerys where there are large colonies. By the way, there are five species of grassy dogs, and as you've figured out, there are different beasts in different areas.

There's Gunnyson's butt, white, black, Mexican, and even a knuckle dog...

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