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Blue Dog

After leaving summer

Day 4 (90 km)

I heard the sound of the rain, and through the dream, I was glad that I was in the heat and in the air. I didn't see it in the morning, but it still rained. Even my long fees didn't make him quiet, so by chaining up all the most unprotected and clouding my complex cycling system into a schol for them, I'm on my way. A sad greyder overnight turned into a greyder, so I didn't blister in the morning, and I was in a hurry to breathe the scent of the wet wood. The legs were already covered by a flat layer of sand flying from underneath the wheels, and the bike was just as fast as it was tossed. I saw the blue sky flat in front of me. I knew, I believed, I was there, but there was still rain on my side, but the optimism of ours, I started to turn faster to my bright future, and the rain stopped, and then in a while, I had a sunrise in my eye that came out for a second because of the rub. There's still an hour and there's no memory of the rain, except the filth of the dirt on the bike and me. I was just on my way to the big city of Pillwa.

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