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английский мастиф описание характеристика история происхождение породы, английский мастиф фото, английский мастиф стандарт все о породе, английский мастиф форумThe English vain has certainly kept much of the image of distant ancestors. Egypt ' s pictures of dogs similar to moderns dates to 3,000 years. In modern Britain, their ancestors may have been caught along with ancient celts, long before the Roman legions. The Caesar, in his report on England's conquest, wrote that the mastifs fought with their masters, terrorizing Romans. They were used for dog fights, even though they had not been their main " profession " for centuries. Most often they were used as caravan and guard dogs.английский мастиф тигровый олений абрикосовый окрас фото As a matter of fact, the original vasty is the name of specialty rather than the name of the breed. In the Middle Ages, the pond was distributed throughout the British archipelago, but its popularity has declined markedly over time. The nature of the species has changed very much: the modern representative has lost a very large proportion of his furry. Now he's basically a nice and pretty flegmatic companion.

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английский мастиф и человек дети характер Externality

The height in the hall is at least 75 cm. Weight is at least 70 kg. Any deviation from the descriptions should be considered as shortcomings. The seriousness of these shortcomings must be considered as they increase.


Reindeer, apricots, silverware, darkness, tiger. But in all cases, the face and ears must be black, black must be eyeballs.

английский мастиф здоровье продолжительности жизни болезни и заболевания фоо

Silver cover

The hair is short, tightly attached, but not too thin on scapula, neck and back.

Nature and conduct

A good Englishman must have a level and calm character. Cowardship, as well as excessive aggression, is absolutely unacceptable. There is no need to encourage the vigilance of the dog to the masters. In today's world, they don't need to scream and lamb to scare off the unladen. The powerful image of a dog is a much better " deterrent " than aggression.

Like all the giant dogs, they grow up a long time. Pupil needs early socialization, training and correctly collected physical loads. Young people are very powerful and gambling dogs that can easily be construed as " disruptive and facial activities " from boredom.

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