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On Saturday, 17 September, in the Tul circus, the premiere of our imaginary spectacle of the Goran legend of love led by the Russian National Artist Tamerlan Nugzarov.

I've been working in this program for over two years, but I've never described it. I guess it's time.

The Spectacle has already looked at a very large number of people in different towns, newspapers and television broadcasters in every town, interviewing audiences in the lobby, writing feedback in forums... I haven't heard any negative feedback on the program yet, probably because it's so designed that every audience has something to do with it. You all realize that the circus is primarily a family type of art. And naturally targets the public of different ages.

The Goran legend of love is a circus show in two offices. The first branch is a classic circus department where one number is replaced by another with a growing dynamism and the second is a circus-language story.

The program's been through a lot of reversals, so I'll tell you about the numbers in the order in which they're going at the moment.

There's a performance, of course, from the parade. The public's greeting is a long-standing circus tradition, and we don't break it. The first branch opens a waltz on horses under the known E. Dog, which ends with a fast-growing gymnasium on Laris Bagdasarov's ponds.

She's climbing up on the horse, and she's going up in the gallop... It's a madly beautiful, efficient and fascinating sight. Larissa is working under a modern composing, which contrasts with the parade. Larissa's artistic character, her spectacular work at height (in all the senses of this word) gives the tone of the whole thing. Where the play has already been shown, at the end of the public's number, she won't leave the maniac much after she's given her turmoil.

The second number of the programme, again on the counter-association, is the High School of High Drive, which has been shown by the popular artist Tamerlan Nugzarov.

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