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19 great cats worth a fortune

Gimalian cat

This pond is very similar to Persian, but it's blue eyes and a painted color pine. This was removed in 1950 in the United States. The hymalians are luxury, obedient and friendly cats with calm character. The cat of this species will cost $500 to $13,000.


The visual card of this species is nice ears that don't stick up like normal cats but hang. Such an unusual detail of their appearance is the result of gene mutation. They're smart cats who get along with all family members and never mind playing. Another distinctive feature of this species is that they can stand in the back caps and see what they're interested in. The cat's worth $200 to $1500.


Peterbold, or Peterburg Sphinx, was released in Russia in 1994. These elegant cats have a rigid body, a long head form and large ears. The body could be bald or covered with a cane. The nature of cats is luxury and general, and they are easily dried. Such a kitten would cost $400-1,200.

Egyptian mau

The appearance of these cats has changed little over 3,000 years since ancient Egypt. The stained colour of this breed is not just wool, but also skin. In order to be master of an ancient hypothetical cat, we need to spend $500-1500.


It's one of the most. major species Cats. Representatives of the species may weigh between 5 and 15 kg and the length of the adult Main Cuna body may reach 1, 23 m. But despite its horny view, it's luxury, tender and gambling animals. The price of a kitten gigant varies between $600 and $1500.


This is one of the most unusual species that came into the US in 1980. In addition to the pulmonary wool of cats, this species has another feature: they're hyper-alergenic, so they'll be fine for families with allergies. The cat is worth $200 to $2,000.

Russian blue

It's one of the most popular short-short cats. It became known outside Russia in 1893. As you say, this cat brings good luck into the house. We can buy a Russian talisman for $400 to $2,000.

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