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German dog

Описание породы и возможные окрасы немецкого догаA German man likes to be among people, play with kids. If he's not properly trained, he can become indiscreet and ignore the master's team.

The German dog, because of its size, power, proud assassin is considered Apollo of the whole dog world. He has a quiet, balanced temperament.

There is often another German name. As a German Mastif. This pond was removed in Germany. The German guess is to be a plumbing dog (company), a driving dog and a guard dog.

Exterrier characteristics: large, long form of skull; very large, rectangular face with a dependent upper lip (this is the saliva sheep); clearly expressed, powerful jaws; black nose; alive, smart eyes (high and thick cleaved)

The German dog is moving in big, smooth steps. It travels long distances with minimal effort.

The German dog is the owner of a short, brilliant hair. The most common colours of this breed are colorful (white with black marks or black with white marks), black, purely white, black, blue.

Description of wool

Structural: very short and tight, smooth and brilliant.

The German dog is divided into three separate groups: Palace and tiger / marble and black / blue.

Palace: Cold from pale gold to deep gold. I want a black mask. Little white marks on your chest and fingers aren't desirable.
Tiger: Main colour from pale gold to deep gold with black strips in the direction of the ribs. The hairs shall be clear and correct as far as possible. I want a black mask. Little white marks on your chest and fingers aren't desirable.

White with black spots (Arlekins, before Tigerdoggen): The main colour is pure white as far as possible without any mark. The saturated black stains, uneven, with ripe edges well distributed throughout the body. Grey or brown stains are not desirable.

Black: Deep black, white marks allowed. It also includes a plastic colour, which has a black colour of the whole body like a blanket, but the face, neck, chest, abdomen, legs and tail tips can be white.

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