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Name Of Little Dogs

The smallest dog species

собака породы Тибетский спаниель. фото26th place: Tibet Spaniel is another breed of dogs born in Tibet. The breed has long been very popular with the Buddhist monks who trained these dogs to spin prayer drums. To the true singing, this dog does not really belong and is named just because of an external similarity to European singing. The growth of Tibetan spanel is 25 cm and the mass of the body varies between 4, 1-6, 8 kg.

25th place: Norvich Terrier is the breed of small dogs that appeared in the city of Norvic, East England, in the nineteenth century.миниатюрная собака породы Норвич терьер. фото She was released for the hunting of small parasites and rodents, which suggests she's very active and beautiful hunters. The weight of the tiny terrier is 5-5, 5 kg, and growth is 24-25, 5 cm. These little, but stunned dogs are very brave, luxury and fit. They are endlessly loyal to their master and have a fun, good temper.

Китайская хохлатая декоративная порода собак. фото24 seats: Chinese hollow, a popular decorative dog pond presented by two varieties: naked and pauderpuff, covered with soft hair all over the body. Its weight is 4, 5-5, 9 kg and growth is 23-33 cm. The Chinese chochlats are active, vibrant, spectacular and very loyal animals to their master.

23rd place: Carlic pincher is a small breed of dogs born in Germany at the end of the nineteenth century. The dog can reach 25 to 30 cm in the blade and its weight fluctuates between 4 and 6 kg.миниатюрная собака породы Карликовый пинчер. фото These dog breeds are very self-righteous and self-sufficient animals, but with proper carlic pincher care, a beautiful company guard will grow up.

22 seats: Bishon Freze Little dog breed French origin from the bowl group. The dogs of this species were frequent seafarers' satellites who were happy to take these great rats and just fun companions with them on a journey. The growth of the French bishon varies between 23 and 30 cm and the weight begins from 3 to 7 kg. It can be described as a smart, sensitive and gambling dog that loves human society. With proper training from Bishon, an obedient and intelligent companion will grow.

маленькая порода собак Бишон фризе. фото тибетская миниатюрная порода собак Ши-тцу. фото маленькая порода собак Аффенпинчер. фото самые маленькие породы собак: пекинес. фото

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