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Royal Price Dog

Amsterdam, who wants to live in..

Немецкий дог Санкта Каравелла

Amsterdam was the victim of cliche and stereotypes. A lot of people think that gorgeous people smoke weed 24 hours a day and don't get out of the Red lights. In fact, marijuana coffeeshops and paid love are only a small part of the capital. Amsterdam is completely different. It's a big and free city where you don't have to pretend to be someone else.

Love in the city begins at the historic center. Canals, narrow streets, buckets, greens. Turned somewhere and stumbled on another ancient church built in a chotic style:

The Church of Saint Nicholas is the patron of the city and its inhabitants, all travelers, fishermen, traders and seafarers. Established in 1885-1887:

The royal palace is Amsterdam's heart. One way, you'll find Central Station. You'll get the other one, you'll get the red lights. Like a fairy tale. It's all around here: Ma'am Tysso Museum, Dam Square, Boutica Street.
On the third day, you understand the stubbornness of the square. You'll find a punky girl with a purple phroquesis that sells flares. The actor in Darth Vader's suit. A tourist fan of the same trick - how to get through a tennis head. And there's one of two, either he or she's made of rubber. But people like it. Every day, they take a magician into the ring and then they put a couple euros after the show.
I think if you come here in two years, you'll see the same usual picture:

Look how beautiful:

Amsterdam is such a de facto and photogenic city that people are photographed everywhere. Even at the station:

It's not just the center. It is possible, for example, to travel to Amsterdam Arena, where Ayax football plays. It's 10 minutes on the subway from the central station on the Rotterdam heading:

There's a business block next to the stadium. It's full of modern office drip:

Amsterdam-Arena looks malicious and futuristic. It's a pleasure to go out here, there's a lot of fast foods and Asian restaurants, and a movie theater with IMAX. Really, it's best to stay away from here on football game days.

Amsterdam Road transport, Europe. We moved on trains and subways, on average, on a daily basis, 15-20 euros per person. Tickets are sold in special equipment, which is full at all stations. You can pay for the money, but it's easier than a bank card. You have to check the ticket in front of the perimeter, and when you get out of the final point, you're gonna get sniffed. It's very simple.
You can drive a rabbit, unless you're afraid to get into the control laps. Inspections in Amsterdam are carried out regularly. For a stubborn journey, 37, 5 euros will have to be paid. I love it when the system works.

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