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German cheeks (sanct-peterburg)

Резерв щенка немецкого дога

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There's no room for this.

♪ Rama, get up, you bastard!
- Well? ♪
♪ He's in the kitchen! It's been half an hour! The chicken cooks! For now. I haven't. He's gonna say we can't get roasted. Scared, man. ♪
- Yes, he will...
♪ That's how it went down there!
- and you?
- I... I'm this... Whoa! Support team!
Russian black terrier - black terrier - cause of popularity in other countries
We call them "blackies," they call them "blackies," we're proud that this pond has been removed from us, for some blackies to come to Russia. Broken species names also allow for abbreviations of BRT, CRT or BRT.
For the first time in Russia more than 150 years ago, the Russian black terriers began their triumph and, literally, in 10 years, defeated Canada and the United States and then other countries. Why are the blacks so popular not only in their homeland, but also in the field?
Speaking of sheep, we're used to representing these dogs as big, strong, smart, often aggressive animals used to protect living or other premises, to search for missing people or things.
History is unique. Ovcharki was actually used for security, but mostly for cattle protection. The very name of this species suggests that once the distant ancestors of these beautiful animals were guarding the sheep.
Shepherds are now rightly considered one of the most easily educated, loyal and smart dogs. However, sheep is not just a big dog of black and brown paint that we used to call German. There are now more than 40 sheep varieties, many of which have nothing to do with the classic image of this species.

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