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Buy A Puppy

#imu_up10tion #imu_xiao mini-fif. "you bought a puppy dog

щенки немецкого дога:

Mini Fanfik.
"You bought a dog and didn't tell him about it."

Today you went to the park, there was a beautiful weather.
Walking around the park, you've seen a couple of dogs. You wanted a dog too, but because your father had an allergy, you couldn't have a dog.
And now you have your own apartment and you can afford whatever you want. Walking around the park, you saw Xiao looking at the Dog. You know, he really likes that kind of dog, and you liked her at least. That's why you decided. Buy a puppy Guess.
You went to the nursery and chose the most mimitic puppy.
Tonight, when you came home, Xiao cooked dinner, you went to his back and hugged him.
♪ Let's go to the park tomorrow?
Xiao agreed.
So you're sitting on a bench under a tree, and you got a call.
♪ I'll be back for a minute. ♪ ♪
♪ Where?
♪ Well, that's good.
♪ Okay, just for a little while.
You took the puppy you just got here, and then you went to Xiao with him.
Guy, as soon as he envyed you and the puppy, he ran right away. He sat and played with a puppy.
♪ Is this puppy ours now?
♪ Yeah, are you happy?
He hugged you and said,
♪ Of course I'm glad I have two miracles in my life. You and him.


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