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Photo Of Tibetan Price


Shih Tzu

As is known, the cost of birth dogs is much higher than that of non-documented persons confirming their origin and dignity. Even within one species, the value may be different because of certain criteria for evaluating them.

Among dogs, such a rare breed as Tibetan Mastif, the price may fluctuate between $300 and a few tens of thousands of United States dollars. Many factors influence pricing: the tribal dignity of producers, the availability of births, the conformity of the exterrey with existing standards, titles and many others.

Among these species, there is a hierarchy of evaluation criteria according to class and defined lines. This is the case for show class representatives with high requirements for ancestral, exterrier (high of growth, bodywork power and head density, hair condition on the neck and tail), representation data for the ring, etc. Subject to all the data, the Tibetan Mastif pups of this class are estimated to be $2,000.

The Tibetan Mastyphoa of the China Line, which appeared in Russia only in the twenty-first century, represents a special cohort, having exclusive properties that distinguish them from dogs taken from Europe at the end of the twentieth century. Even in the picture of Tibetan Mastif, the Chinese line is more pronounced and saturated on his Aboriginal (black and red) colour. White colours are also allowed in their home country, but in Europe it is not distributed because it has not been adopted by the International Cinological Federation (FCI). These dogs have a very large wool that adds to their abundance, already larger sizes than the European line.

The great Chinese Masters are the most expensive dogs and their cost exceeds $5,000. This high price is due to the Government ' s ban on the sale of dogs in China and the post-Soviet area of the line ' s mastifs.

Therefore, with the aim of " buying Tibetan Mastif " , an objective assessment should be made of the real possibility of acquiring a perfectly clean dog with a reliable birth control, taking into account the characteristics of its temperament, nature and material capacity. In addition to the cost of acquiring a puppy, it will be necessary to take care of his nutrition and care, education and training, veterinary services, etc.

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