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Pupil Of Tibetan

The most expensive animals are some animals


Some animals are real luxury and are worth a fortune. A lot of money will have to be paid for communicating with these people.

1. Tibetan Mastif

Value: to $585 000
Great hunters, clean, calm and loyal dogs. They used to serve as security guards in Tibetan monasteries. If you can buy some pupils for a few thousand dollars, you'll be able to make up $585,000 for an adult breeding dog.

2. White tiger

Value: $140 000
Contrary to the prevailing view, white tiger is not always an albino. In that case, he wouldn't even have black stripes, which is very rare. The Bengal white tiger is especially valuable. Because of the rare mutation, their number is limited.

3. White left

Value: $140 000
White lions are quite rare. There's not more than 300 in wildlife. This is also the result of this high price among exotics.

4. Arab horse

Value: $100 000
Arab scouts are valued around the world. It's an ancient breed of 15 centuries old. They live for a long time, and the intersection of the “Arabs” with other species clouds the latter. Owing to the enthusiasm of rich people, surges in high Arab scouts can fluctuate at $10,000.

5. elephant

Value: $100 000
If you live in India or Thailand, buying this huge and smart animal will cost you a few thousand dollars in Thailand and even less in India. But moving to a distant country or ordering a zoo elephant is difficult. Prices range from $100 to $200,000.

6. Avenue

Value: to $352 000
Elite barans are sold for huge auctions because of the beauty of their horns. On one of them, the cost of the purchase reached $352,000.

7. Canadian Eskimo Bay

Value: $100 000
Extreme and loyal dogs of the Eskimo Inuit. This species was saved by a mass slaughter in the 1950s-1960s. However, there are still only a few hundred individuals in the Canadian Club.

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