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Tibetan Styles

Тибетские мастифDISCUSSION. Tibetan's mastif is a powerful, heavy, very beautiful dog with good expression came to us with Tibet. Direct back, well-developed muscle, deep breasts, strong shoulders and broad head; Tibetan mastyphe body is not analogous in the dog world. European Tibetan iimastif species amateurs claim that individual representatives reach a weight of 99 kg, although more real weight is likely to be around 60 kg. The thickness is very thick, with a well-developed thick necktie, long. The rest of the hair is thin, but it's tough, rude to feel, straight. The colour of Tibetan staph is purely black, black, black, brown, different shades gold and gray. Height in the chole 56 - 71 cm.

I.D. The Tibetan Mastif, which originated from Central Asia and met in Syria and Arabia, is a real mountain dog and indeed belongs to the mastifs. He was highly valued for courage and enormous dimensions. Marco Polo described these dogs growing from the donkey. One of the Asian masters sent Tibetan mastifs to a gift to Alexander Makedonsky to hunt lions and elephants. They were valued by ancient Romans. In their homeland in the Himalayas and Central Asia, Tibetan mastyphoids were used for pasture and cattle protection. The photo of Tibetan vasty can be seen on the right.

HARACTER. Tibetan's mastif is not as furious as other mastifs. He's very clear, tied to his master. Fucking his family, he's brave, although his growth and threatening species are enough to scare the alien.

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