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Azerbaijan, in terms of cynology, is an amazing place!

Turns out a dog can change fate. It's because of her, a famous leading Grigori Manev, who was hit by a television program. And now his broadcasts are watching millions. In an interview with Moskva-Baku, he had asked about his plans to visit Azerbaijan and to remove the transfer of a wonderful dog, the Azeri Volkow, whose history was rooted in the ancient secrets of fire worshippers.

♪ Grigori, you are the author and the televiser of the popular Planet Sobak program, which not only comes out in the box on the Moya Planeta television station with several technical repeats, but also during the weekend. What do you think is the success of this transfer?

♪ In my view, my life has been interfered with by a “Mr. happy occasion”. I've been doing a movie in the army for years and I love dogs forever. So, I got into a reporter, too, thanks to dogs. First, he runs dog and military history programmes at the Gororit Moscow radio station, and then spent four years writing programmes on hunting dogs on the Hot and Fisher TV. Then he started to give the idea of a dog plan, and suddenly... she was real. And the success of the transmission, in my view, is that there's a lot of dog amateurs everywhere, and the transfer came in their taste.

♪ In Turkey and Azerbaijan, many like this. dog breedas a Turkish malacla or anatolic sheep (canhal). They say that under the law, dogs are officially banned from the country, they are simply considered a national asset. It's such a strong and powerful dog that most people in Turkey still have dog fights, and the people think the dog is a fighter...

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