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All The Species Of Fighters' Dogs

5 prohibited dog species

There are thousands of different dog species around the world. One of the oldest breeds is the Afghan sheep, which appears to have existed a few thousand years ago. In the millennium of human and dog neighbourhoods, thousands of different dog species were ejected, including shepherd dogs, wolf dogs, safety dogs and others. Some of the species removed are now considered dangerous and in most countries such species are prohibited. Let's see who's among the proscribed.

Dogo Argentino

That's not just what this is called. It was in Argentina in 1928. Several species, including even Irish wolves (and indeed giant dogs), were crossed to receive a representative of the breed. The breed wasn't created for battle, but for the hunting of mountain lions. You can imagine the strength of this species to be able to resist the lion on an equal footing. But these dogs are pretty aggressive, they're used as fighters. Dogo Argentino is now banned in many countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Portugal.

Presa Canario

The species was ejected into the Spanish Canary Islands, which was a side response from the mastiffs. These dogs were often used as fighters, and in 2001 two dogs of this species killed a 33-year-old man. But they didn't bury him anywhere, but the hall of a building in San Francisco. Since then, ponds have been banned in many countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

Fila Brasiliero

The peaceful species of the dog has a high degree of kinship with the mastiff, and it's called the Brazilian mastiff. The Fila Brasiliero species was created to hunt the Jaguars, so these dogs are very strong and aggressive, because a weak dog couldn't hunt such a dangerous opponent. Fila Brasiliero's aggression has become legend, these dogs are sometimes even afraid of their owners. Poirot is now banned in Britain and some other countries.

Tosa Inu

Japanese pond, which is a mixture of many species, including mastiffs and bulliers. It's a combat dog, and for a long time. dog breeds Tosa Inu were used as participants in street fighting. I wonder if the sand winner got the "Yokozuna" title. The dogs of this species are very strong in battle, and they fight silently, which is always surprising. Poirot is now prohibited in Denmark, Norway, Malta and other States.

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