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Bordeaux dog, nature, disease, care and photo

бордоский дог

Country of origin: France
Growth: 60 - 68 cm (coupling); 58 - 66 cm (suke)
Weight: 50 kg (coil); 45 kg (suke)
Maintenance of the apartment: Right, but need sufficient physical load.
Life expectancy: 10-12 years
Good for you. for experienced owners

Nature of Bordeaux Dogs

The Bordeaux Dog is, above all, strength and enormous, scary dimensions, which makes this dog a beautiful guard and a protector, even if she didn't make a single sound. It's the scary size and furious appearance that made the Bordeaux ideal fighter, hunter and guard throughout the history of the breed.

But the secret of Bordeaux is that his appearance contradicts his real nature. The Bordeaux dog is one of the softest, calm and common dog species.

These dogs are very loyal to their master and often feel lonely if the owner leaves them for long. Vigilance makes the Bordeaux a more effective watchdog, unlike many petty terriers who are inclined to scare their lambs of all who are approaching.

The Bordeaux dog relies on its terrifying size and trusts someone who has not yet done anything to prove bad intentions. If the danger is obvious, the offender will have to find out what's so furious about the Bordeaux.

смешные животныеCommunicability, coupled with pasture roots, enables the Bordeaux to get along with children and other small animals, especially when they grow up with them from childhood.

The Bordeaux dog understands its strength and tends to protect weaker animals. However, animals of greater or similar size should not be held together with the Bordeaux Dog, as the history of this breed as a hunting dog and a combat dog could trigger aggression.

With regard to their size, they are low-energy dogs, which could be a problem when it comes to learning. Despite the fact that the Bordeaux dog is extremely intelligent, he's just tired of working with the coach for over an hour or two times.

Those who enquire about this species, suggesting that they're strong and gambling dogs in their size better to draw attention to another species. However, those who enquire about big dogs but do not like them sometimes unpleasant and aggressive manners of activity and gambling can find a Bordo dog as an ideal friend.

Bordeaux diseases

Like many others, big and heavy dog species The Bordeaux dog is inclined to displasticize the tazobed joint.

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