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House Dogs For The Apartment

Should we start a dog?

House animals live in many apartments and homes today. And not long ago, you and I talked about whether to start a cat in our house. However, cat family members don't like all our compatriots. Some people in the shower are the right dog. Yeah, having such a friend in theory, with a lot of loyalty and loyalty, I'd like to know each of us. Just what's it like to be a dog owner in practice? What is it necessary to be prepared when you make such a fourth friend? What costs do you have to face when your life changes when a dog comes in... To all these questions, we're suggesting that we find a response together.

Dogs are different.

Unlike cats, which, regardless of breed, can be identical, dogs, depending on their breed, can be small, decorational and large, size with a veal. Accordingly, different species have different purposes. The guard dogs, for example, were specially removed to serve people, guard the house. Oh, these decorative creatures are designed to salute the master's eyes, but not to scare the other fence. So, the nature of the animal and its size, as well as the characteristics of the nature and conduct of such persons dog species It is necessary to draw your attention before you choose a puppy of this kind.

Dogs need care

If cats are creatures that can live in your house on their own and take care of them easier, the dogs are completely dependent on you. You're going to have to walk the animal, do his training, buy him food, buy him food, brush his hair, veterinarian, do his vaccinations, treat him in case of illness, prepare for the exhibitions.

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