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Акита-ину - порода собаки

It's not the usual dog pond. Australia is considered a native. Previously, they were used in cattle pasture. This species is very energetic and active.
Australia's kettles are very powerful spiritual, which is why they need the master to be powerful and strong. As soon as the pet tastes it, he'll be crowned to obey literally everything. They always want to like them, but they don't lose themselves. Their habitat habitat is a private house. If you're going to have this password in your apartment, you're gonna try to take your pizza. They must receive regular physical pressure. They're very fond of doing logical tasks. If you don't give them due weight, they'll be evil, they'll swallow everything on their way.

Australia ' s grids are negatively single. It is also very cautious to strangers. That's why you need to raise them from an early age, unless you want to raise a monster. When they're properly raised, they can also be with other animals. They really like to bite, it's preached by their nature. Therefore, even the right education cannot deter such behaviour. They can even bite a baby, they don't care. Of course, biting is a little wound, but it could hurt the baby. They will always be loyal to you and follow your will.

They have a well-developed intelligence. They're rapidly studying new teams.

Australian kettle breeds have a double wool of wool that keeps them out of the weather. The pets reach over 12 kilograms.

They're considered long-term. Some representatives live to 30 years. On average, life expectancy is about 15 years.

They are inclined to disease, have no permanent immunity. Genetic diseases, such as deafness and others, may be affected.

They're very heavy. The liquor period occurs twice a year. And so if you don't want the whole wrist to fall asleep in your house, then you should clean it up regularly.

In a normal state, it's necessary to dry once a week. The water procedure shall be carried out as necessary.

With good treatment and proper care, you'll get a loyal friend. They're really becoming real defenders of their family. They always try to be part of their master's life. They'll be very good for a man who spends a lot of time on nature.

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