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German Dog: description of breed, photo, video, interesting facts

немецкий дог фото 1German Dog (Deutsche Dogge) - it's a service pond. This breed of dogs is often called a win-win combination of beauty, balance and benevolence. For a long time, dogs had been considered as Molosian dogs that had been kept in pets in the age of the Rome Empire, they had been used for hunting. In the mid-century, dogs took part in the hunting of boars, bulls, and in the 19th century tribal breeding began.

In 1863, at an exhibition held in Hamburg, two doses, Danish and Ulm, were brought to the attention of the judges, later recognized as a single breed. The first standard was developed in 1876. According to the standard, the German dog is considered one of the largest dogs. Animal weight is 45-55 kg, altitude 70-80 cm. The head of a long shape with high ears and smart eyes. The nose is black, the neck is long and beautifully inverted. A toast to the jaro, a strong, strong blank, a powerful chest. The blade is high, it's going to end. German weight is thick, brilliant, short. немецкий дог фото 2 With regard to colours, this breed may have black, tiger, blue, marble and pale skin.

Nature and content of the German

The Germans have a positive and balanced character, and for the family he will be a reliable and faithful friend loyal to the masters. Dogs are well suited to the guard and guard service, and they can easily be drained. The dog can be kept in an apartment or home, but long walks are a condition of care.

Dogs get along with the babies, but the relationship with the animals is different: early socialization plays a significant role. The German weapon is his strength and his grand size, one appearance of such a dog could scare an unnamed guest. The owner of such a breed could be even a starter dog, the main thing is not to let a dog dominate itself. It's not like they have a smooth hair, so it's enough to clean a brush or a special glove regularly. Watch your teeth, your ears and your dog's eyes, you can buy a dog once a couple months. It is very important to obtain full food, because the German dogs are active and require a proper diet.

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