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Dog Argentinean

Argentina dogoargentino dogo argentino

Аргентинский дог

I'd like to know if I'd like to see you.

I guess almost anyone who turns out breeding dogs or cats has ever encountered this category of buyers, "mosode classic." What's going on there is enough to have two or three marks in your life to break into the brain.
The brains don't show up at first contact, make a good impression, show an infinite enthusiasm and desire to love your puppy or cat is stronger than you. If you need a child to come out, they'll be happy to resurface, yes! If you want a child to be stiff/started by your master, they'll agree to pay him. First time, you'll control them on the phone and skill the good family your little boy got into. The house is full of tea, love, meat and everything. But then (the time may be different, from a few days to a few months) this phone call is suddenly released. They call you and tell you that the dog needs to be taken/removed/built/killed/killed out because they have allergic/astma/children suddenly born/grandmothers/repairs/new furniture/sand all the parks/bags of the owner's boots are too much to write, and it's too much to pay off.

Two scenarios-- you can take your puppy away from you-- you can't-- your dogs are tied up.

1. You say I bring you the money.

They - they can't go far/work/sick/sitting with the child/ going to visit the grandmother/may not be until a week later, but they won't survive a week with that azzle dog.

You - I'll come by myself right now!

They're not at all, they've got guests, fountains, gold, grandparents, repairs.

When are you comfortable?

They're not comfortable!

2. You step in, you beg to keep your puppy for two more days, not to sleep and not to give up, and you start to wander around looking for new hands. My Lords agree to wait two more days.

During this time, you jump above the dust and find those who wish, not the same. Call your brains.

- Oh, no. We love her. She suddenly stopped sleeping on the park. The kids are tied to her. We're not giving her away.

You've been trying them for a long time, but they're holding up like a guerrilla. You can even make more money than they paid, they won't come back. You're giving up new owners. You breathe.

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