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Belgian mastif ы dog species

Бельгийский мастиф (Фламандская упряжная собака)This impressive form of Belgian dog is likely to have French origin: the scientists consider it a great similarity to some French dogs.

Since his appearance, Belgian mastif has never done anything, he's hunting a big diet, guarding farms, but first of all, he's been used as a hideous dog. This depressed and hard-working dog was mainly held by Belgian farmers who could not afford to buy a horse.

During the First World War, the Flemish hide dog was used to transport heavy weapons and ammunition and to transport wounded fighters from the battlefield. Since the war, the mastif headlines have declined considerably and enthusiasts have made a number of attempts to restore the breed, but with the arrival of vehicles, the need for tractors has been reduced. dogs and who wanted to have such a big dog with a good appetite became very small. Since the Second World War, the frost of Belgian mast has virtually disappeared from the face of the earth.

Many scholars consider the species to be completely extinct, but another part of the cinemas disagrees with them and insists that several breeders can still be found in the remote corners of Belgium. Nevertheless, the Belgian Kenneth Club has made the Belgian mastyphoid on the list of " suspended " species until the future fate of the sand is determined.

Since the 1980s, Belgium has been working to restore breeds on the basis of the rural species of dogs that have erupted from Belgian mastifa, as well as with the participation of English Mastifa, Bullmasticfa, Briar and the Belgian sheep. One of the Belgian factories has been so successful in rehabilitating Belgian mastif, that his Becon-camera pizza has already earned high ratings on several authoritative dog exhibitions.

The difference between modern breeds from their ancestors is that current mastifs, unlike old dogs, do not buy tails; the manufacturers also say that " new " Belgian mastif is less aggressive and much more suitable for the role of a family dog than his ancestors.

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